death of an optimist (limited edition half translucent)


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Death of an Optimist pressed on Half Translucent Vinyl. Limited to 1,000 units worldwide. Only Available on Official Grandson webstore. *Note the vinyl does not ship to arrive on release day. Anticipated delivery date is March 5th 2021.  Includes Instant Download of 'Dirty', 'Identity' and 'Riptide'


      1. Death Of An Optimist // Intro 
      2. In Over My Head 
      3. Identity 
      4. Left Behind 
      5. Dirty 
      6. The Ballad of G and X // Interlude 
      7. We Did It!!! 
      8. WWIII 
      9. Riptide 
      10. Pain Shopping 
      11. Drop Dead 
      12. Welcome to Paradise // Outro 

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